The Omen Gloves are anti-magic gloves enchanted by the Sorcerer Knuras for the previous Blue Star commander Arthur Range. Range used the gloves to pull the Amulet of Pravsa off of King Omen Hellion, after whom the gloves were named. When worn, the Amulet emits divine energy which the wearer is immune to. The gloves allowed Range to take the Amulet safely while Hellion was attempting to fuse with the Heart of Koyar. Hellion was killed because the Amulet is required to be worn for a mortal to fuse with the Heart without dying due to exposure to divine energy.

When Range was given the title Trinity Guardian, the Trinity Artifacts were returned to their respective vaults within the islands they belong to, and he requested that the Omen Gloves be kept in the Blue Star armory.

Much later, in The Trinity Guardians, the Omen Gloves were stolen from the armory by Sam Cerino to be used by Ridley Batista to take the Amulet of Pravsa from The Harvester.

The Omen Gloves are used by Tracker Luste to wield the Sphere of Shakti, the shape of which can be changed by Ridley Batista, for he wears the Amulet of Pravsa as the third embodiment of Koyar. Tracker prefers to wield the Sphere as a sword.

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