Sam Cerino is a young girl from Mouviet, Cashmier Island.

In The Trinity Guardians, she picks an identification card off a member of Blue Star Bravo and accesses the campus's armory. She brings the ankle shock collar and the Omen Gloves to Ridley Batista and Tracker Luste in order for them to stop The Harvester from fusing with the Heart of Koyar.

After being struck by the Sphere of Shakti under The Harvester's control, she is put into a three-month coma. The week after she recovers, she learns that she has gained Telescopic Vision and a constant great desire to eat.

Sam adopts the alias 'Seahorse' when her father, a marine zoologist, quipped that she reminded him of a seahorse for her great vision and ability to eat so much food.

She wears the Intangibility Gloves and the Explosive Chestplate from the Blue Star armory.

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